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A Guide to Buying Concentrates


It’s crucial to understand the different types of cannabis extracts when buying concentrates. Concentrates are made by extracting the cannabinoids in marijuana to create a potent substance. They are usually very high in THC and come in different forms, depending on the:

  • Extraction process 
  • Part of the plant used
  • Consistency 

Different forms offer different advantages, so to help you make an informed decision, here are the 6 most common concentrate types. 



Shatter is easily one of the most popular forms of concentrate. It has a sticky, glass-like appearance that is easy to break off due to how it “shatters.” It’s made via a filtration process that uses butane to remove any impurities.

Shatter is often stored in parchment paper due to its fragility. Its look is smooth and clear, often with a yellow tinge. People enjoy it for its purity and high levels of THC.



Crumble wax, or crumble, is aesthetically the opposite of shatter. It is very brittle, soft, and can be “crumbled” as the name suggests. 

Crumble is processed at a low temperature for a longer time than most other concentrates. Despite being harder to handle than shatter, people like it because it is potent and flavorful. It is also less sticky than most concentrates, so it’s generally stored in glass jars.


Wax is another popular form of concentrate, especially for users of dab rigs. It’s made with a similar process to shatter, using butane filtration. 

Wax is very sticky and is usually handled with a dabbing tool. It has a yellow or brownish coloration and features an intensely high THC content. Due to its incredibly sticky nature, people find that silicone is the best way to store wax dabs.


THC Oil 

Oil concentrates are a different ballgame from shatter, wax, and crumble. Rather than dabbing, oils can be found in vape cartridges. Oil is extracted with CO2 gas. The texture is a thick but runny liquid that tastes very different from most concentrates. 

However, people like oils due to their clean taste. Cannabis extracted and refined oil provides users with smooth hits that don’t cause as much coughing as dabs. Oil vapes are also easier to set up and use than dab rigs, making oil more popular for users on the go. 


Water Hash 

Water hash features a unique extraction in which cannabis plants are frozen and harvested for their trichomes. The trichomes are then filtered in “bubble bags.” 

Water hash can be made in many ways, so it does not have a consistent texture or color. People like water hash for its full spectrum taste, and the lack of solvents used to produce it. 



Rosin, like water hash, is produced entirely without the use of solvents. It’s made by applying heat and pressure to dried herb. 

Rosin is a widely praised form of concentrate, valued for its natural flavor. People find that it is the most “pure” form of concentrate available. Like water hash, it comes in a variety of forms and does not have one set texture.

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