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Strain Spotlight: Good Buds’ Mango Taffie


Good Buds’ Mango Taffie is a popular strain among terp hunters with a fine taste for the plant’s aromatic compounds. It has a candy-like taste and comes with some sweet effects.  Whether you’re a new or seasoned user, you’ll appreciate the strain’s juicy mango aromas and potent effects. After all, who doesn’t love a good tropical flavor? If you’re into high-potency and fruity strains, check out Mango Taffie from Good Buds.

Mango Taffie, as well as many other strains, can be found at the Dank cannabis store in Canada.



Good Buds’ Mango Taffie is a robust, sativa-dominant strain that is sure to add some vibrancy to your day. On average, Mango Taffie has THC levels that can vary depending on the lot.

Mango Taffie’s invigorating and blissful effects are perfect for a wake-and-bake session or an afternoon buzz. This sativa-dominant strain is prized for its incredible aromas and energizing feeling.


Good Buds: Small-Batch & Organic Cannabis

It’s all in the name. Good Buds truly make quality flower products. Started by two brothers, Tyler and Alex Rumi, this family-run craft cannabis company produces small-batch flower, rosin, and hash for discerning users.

All Good Buds house strains are grown naturally with organic soils, recaptured rainwater, and ocean air, without any chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Living soil contains beneficial microbes, which help promote better absorption of natural minerals for the root system.

The result is hardier plants and better-tasting buds.

Good Buds grows all their weed on Salt Spring Island, BC. All flower is grown in small batches and indoors. Then, they are hand-trimmed, hang-dried, and slow cured. It’s no wonder they taste so good.

Good Buds are certified by the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association (FVOPA) for all indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation. 

Good Buds produces dried flower, pre rolls, award-winning ice water hash, and rosin from in-house strains such as Dosi Melon, Gluerangutan, Sapphire OG, Salty God, and Mango Taffie.



Mango Taffie is the hybrid of LA Affie and Hawaiian Landrace genetics.  LA Affie is a pure indica strain with an earthy and sweet aroma and energizing and psychedelic high. Hawaiian is a landrace sativa strain known for its tropical fruit aroma. It can elicit blissful, creative, and uplifting feelings.



Bright green, striking orange, and shiny white trichomes. That’s what you get with this sativa-dominant strain. These Mango Taffie buds are dense and caked with sticky resin and trichomes. These nugs are drenched in trichomes giving them a brilliant lustre that can end up sticking to your hands when breaking it apart.


Aroma and Flavour

The main selling point of this strain is its undeniably juicy mango aromas. It’s sweet, it’s sugary, it tastes like candy. You’ll notice a hint of citrus, which adds a slight acidity and sharpness. There are notes of spice adding a woody and earthy complexity. 

Grind these nugs up to break apart the trichomes and unleash its potent smell or take a giant hit from a pipe, bong, or joint to revel in its sweet and tropical aroma and flavour.



As a Good Buds exclusive, Mango Taffie over delivers on presentation and quality. Their hand-trimmed and hang-dried approach using organic soils works. These naturally-grown buds are good for any type of user, especially those who prefer the more nuanced terpene profile of organically-grown weed. A humidity pack inside each container provides the ultimate freshness.



Light one up and experience its uplifting and euphoric effects almost instantly. It’s the perfect strain to promote a calming feeling and get your creative juices flowing. Whether you’re watching a movie or jamming out with your band, you’ll feel motivated, happy, and at ease. 


How to Enjoy Mango Taffie

Mango Taffie has an incredible flavour profile that can be unleashed with a vaporizer. However, there is no wrong way to enjoy this strain. Go on a hike, read by the beach, or paint the sunset. Mango Taffie will want to make you explore the world and create.


Storage Recommendations

As always, cannabis should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. Good Buds Mango Taffie comes with a humidity pack to keep your flower fresh for longer.


Possible Side Effects

High doses of any weed strain can increase the risk of anxiety and paranoia for first-time or low tolerance users. It can cause mild side effects such as dry mouth and dry eyes, which can be alleviated by staying hydrated and with eye drops, respectively.


Mango Taffie Products

Mango Taffie, grown in small batches, is available in 3.5-gram and 7-gram varieties of dried flower, 0.5 grams of flower rosin, and pre-rolls (2×0.5g/5×0.5g).

Pre-rolls are made with organic rolling papers and buds, not trim. It is the perfect strain for extractions due to its delicious mango aroma and high potency.


Final Verdict Score: 4/5

Mango Taffies has a pleasant aroma of juicy mango and an earthy undertone. It can be the ideal strain for those who love sweet cannabis flavours and good for those who want a livelier strain to lighten the mood.



Buy This Cannabis Strain Today

You can get this “energizing” strain at the Dank cannabis dispensary in Canada. Shop for the Mango Taffies strain on the Dank Cannabis menu today.

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