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Exploring Inglewood Bird Sanctuary (On Weed)


Calgary’s Inglewood Bird Sanctuary is a bird watcher’s dream. As a resting place for migratory birds, this bird sanctuary delivers a wealth of wonder. High or not, you’ll stare in awe at the natural beauty, breathtaking bird species, and serene backdrop. 

Just a few minutes east from downtown Calgary on the Bow River, Inglewood Bird Sanctuary is one of Calgary’s most popular attractions. If you want to enjoy your dank journey in the city’s most bustling outdoor habitat, we’ll show you how to have a fun and *safe experience.

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Plan Your Visit: Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Visiting the sanctuary doesn’t cost a dime but the experience is priceless. At the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary in Calgary, you’ll find over 270 species of birds, flat trails, a placid lagoon, and peace and quiet, the perfect space to enjoy your elevated experience.


Location: 2425 9 Ave S.E.

Area: 36 hectares

Hours: Trails – Sunrise to Sunset (half-hour grace period); Nature Centre – 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Parking: Near the Nature Centre

Access: Bow River pathway provides pedestrian and bike access

Things to do: Walk, hike, bird and animal watch, private events

Dogs: Not allowed (except assistance dogs)


Hidden between the Inglewood Wildlands Park and the Bow River, the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary in Calgary has more than 80 years of rich history as a sanctuary to natural flora and fauna.

Explore the expansive landscape featuring 2.5 km of trails through open grasslands and forests. A mix of paved and unpaved pathways spring from the Nature Centre. You won’t find hilly trails here. The park’s flat paths are easy on the knees. 

Stop by the Nature Center where you’ll find interpretive displays, washrooms, and drinking fountains to quench your thirst and relieve dry mouth.

Head over to the lagoon featuring many bridges and observation decks for a peaceful and meditative experience. Here, you’ll have first row seats to see the beaver lodges, as well as migrating and nesting waterfowl.

Keep in mind, no dogs or bicycles are allowed at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary.



Before it became one of Alberta’s first wildlife sanctuaries, Calgary’s Inglewood Bird Sanctuary was owned by one of the greatest citizens of Calgary, Colonel James Walker. In 1883, Colonel James Walker, an original commissioned officer of the North West Mounted Police, officially became the owner of the land.

In 1910, Walker built his red brick home, the third on the property, which currently stands proudly on the sanctuary to this day. Named Inglewood, this house is now the namesake for its surrounding neighbourhood. While two more houses were built, they were destroyed by floods.

In 1925, George Pickering, a Banff naturalist, leased a parcel of the land to create a bird sanctuary for migratory birds. Pickering chose the location since that part of the Bow River that rarely froze over.

In 1929, Walker’s son, Selby, applied to have 59 acres of the land be designated a federal migratory bird sanctuary.

Pickering was a long-time manager of the sanctuary and even went on to manage it well after his retirement as an unpaid employee. 

In 1953, ownership by the Walker heirs was lost due to a redesigned tax scheme by the city that classified the land as city property, not agricultural property.

The land was purchased by Ed Jefferies’ big contracting firm and subsequently released to the Alberta Fish and Game Association.

By the 1960s, the land was largely ignored by the public and birds. In 1970, the city officially bought the land and started turning its vision of a wildlife reserve into reality.

In 1996, the Nature Center was built and the grassland restoration project started. 

In 1975, Colonel James Walker was voted “Citizen of the Century” by the City of Calgary due to his great contributions to the development of the community. 



Calgary’s very own bird heaven is home to over 350 species of plants. The sanctuary’s riverbanks and neighbouring landscape are brought to life by a flourishing landscape of shrubs, trees, mixed grasses, and herbaceous plants.

On the river’s western bank, you’ll find a dense landscape of native trees and shrubs, a rich ecosystem for thriving wildlife.




Bring along your binoculars and birdwatching guide or ask one of the helpful mobile librarians and volunteers wearing fluorescent orange vests to help you identify a species. Inglewood Bird Sanctuary is a haven for many bird species including:

  • Gray partridge
  • Mallard
  • Killdeer
  • Northern pintail
  • Canada goose
  • Common merganser
  • American kestrel
  • Spotted sandpiper

As a federally designated migratory bird sanctuary, this wildlife refuge is the city’s favourite aviary paradise. Visit sober or responsibly high to find a wide range of animals in every class. At Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, you’ll find:

  • 270 species of birds 
  • 21 species of mammals
  • 2 species of amphibians
  • 2 species of reptiles
  • 7 species of fish
  • 27 species of butterflies


By the Seasons


Depending on the time of year you visit the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, you will see a variety of bird species. 

  • Late fall (August and September) is the best time of year for spotting migrating songbirds including the following bird species:
    • Warblers
    • Vireos
    • Nuthatches
    • Chickadees
    • Kinglets
    • Woodpeckers
  • Uncommon gull species can be found in the spring and late fall
  • During summer, you can find the following bird species:
    • American kestrel
    • Western wood-pewee
    • Northern flicker
    • Eastern kingbird
    • Baltimore oriole
    • Least flycatcher 
  • Winter is the best time to see thousands of mallards flock to the open water, as well as black-capped chickadees and white-breasted nuthatches. Other winter species include:
    • Bald eagle
    • Killdeer
    • Belted kingfisher
    • Lesser scaup
    • Common goldeneye
    • Wilson’s snipe
    • Bufflehead
    • Common merganser
Belted King Fisher


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