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How to Dab THC Concentrates


Read our insightful how to dab concentrates guide, so that you have a great first dabbing experience! Learn about the crucial steps to dabbing wax!

Dabbing is a very popular way to consume cannabis these days. But what is it, and how do you dab cannabis concentrates? Dabs are made from extracting cannabinoids from the cannabis plant to create a concentrated version of it, and it’s also a verb, which means to vape concentrates on a heated nail. Cannabis extracts are a lot more potent, with a much higher THC level than cannabis.

The process of dabbing can be confusing. However, there is a ton of information that is crucial to understand for consistency with good dabs from your oil rig. This guide was written by a professional who used to dab wax frequently for a few years. So you can have confidence you’re going to learn from an experienced dabbing insider.


Choosing your cannabis concentrate

Concentrates come in many forms. There’s shatter, wax, oil, crumble, and many others. Generally, oil is not going to be compatible with a dab rig, so shatter, wax, or crumble are usually the best options.


Choose a dab nail

Dabbing is all about heat. Dab nails, the item you heat to vaporize your dabs, come in many materials. Each dab nail holds heat differently. For example, Titanium heats up very quickly, while Quartz offers a cleaner flavor. Ceramic has the best heat retention but is less durable. Whichever dab nail you choose is up to you. None are “better” than the other, but they offer different features.



Any legal concentrate is going to have the potency percentages printed on the material. However, if you’re buying from a dealer, it can be more of a guessing game. In general, dabs are very strong, so it’s important to “start low and go slow”. After all, you can always get higher, but you can’t get less high.

Some users try to weigh out the dabs, but sometimes this can be hard as dabs melt easily and become sticky. General advice dictates that you start out with the smallest amount possible and slowly increase until you reach your desired state.


How to dab Steps

Following the steps below will provide an optimal dabbing experience.


Step One: Heat Your Dab Nail

Turn on your torch and directly aim the flame at the nail. Heating time is going to vary based on which type of dab nail you are using. A quartz nail heats from 30 seconds to a minute. A titanium nail can heat in about 15 seconds.


Step Two: Turn Off the Torch

Your nail now needs to cool a little bit. The temperature at which you hit your dab hinges on how long you let the nail cool. Generally, you’re not going to want a nail to cool longer than 45 seconds for a Quartz nail and 10 seconds for Titanium.


Step Three: Apply Heat and Inhale

Press your nail to the concentrate and inhale slowly. Users find it is helpful to rotate your dab tool, so you don’t waste any concentrated.


Step Four: Use a Carb Cap

Once your concentrate is almost gone, cover the dab with a carb cap to regulate the airflow. This will conserve your heat retention and allow you to not waste any of the concentrate.


Exhale and Decide if you Want Another Hit.

Once you’ve exhaled, it’s important to take a minute or two before deciding if you want another hit. Dabs hit hard and fast, so you’ll know when enough is enough, but tit never hurts to give it a few minutes, so you can gauge where you’re at better.


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