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How to Smoke Hash Like a Pro

Smoking hash reconnects you with an ancient heritage that has been passed down for millennia. Cannabis’ sticky and potent resin has been enjoyed for centuries in a variety of consumption methods. 

Hash is good for an array of things. As a modern-day dabber, you have a wide range of delivery options to smoke hash from. Each offers unique advantages and disadvantages but they all can get you higher than ever.

Our consumption guide shows you how to smoke hash, vaporize it, and even eat hash-infused edibles. We’ll also show you methods to avoid to keep you safe and your hash tasty. 


What Is Hash?

Hash, also known as hashish, is a concentrated form of cannabis trichomes, also known as kief. Extracted through a solventless method, hash is made when users break off the trichomes from the cannabis plant’s buds. Hash quality varies by strain, growing conditions, storage, and extraction processes.

Developed ages ago in the Eastern countries of Morocco, Afghanistan, India, Iran, and Pakistan, hashish has retained its popularity due to its simple but effective form. Hash varies in look but is usually a solid and malleable consistency and has a light or dark brown color.


Dry Sift Hash 

One method to produce hash involves using dry sift boxes or silk screens to collect kief. Flower buds or trim are placed on top of layers of micron silk screens. 

Then, the material is agitated by gently pressing it into the screen or shaking the screen from side to side or up and down. During this process, trichomes break off and fall into the bottom container leaving you with pure kief that can be molded into hash.


Ice Water Hash

Another way to make hash is with the ice water method. Using water, ice, and agitation, extractors place the material inside layers of filtration bags inside of a bucket. Then, they place water and ice inside to break apart to trichomes leaving behind pure kief at the bottom of the bags, also known as bubble hash. 

Each extraction method offers a potent and flavorful hash and an experience you won’t soon forget.


How to Smoke Hash From a Dab Rig

One of the easiest and most effective ways to smoke hash is by using a dab rig. Vaporize it just like you would any other cannabis concentrate.

With a rig in hand, here’s how you smoke hash:

  1. Light up your butane torch and point the tip of the flame directly at the nail or banger. The heating time depends on the quality and thickness of your nail and power of your torch.
  2. Once your nail is hot enough, turn the torch off. Allow your red hot nail to cool down for between 30 to 45 seconds. A timer and/or an infrared temperature gun can help you determine the right nail temperature.
  3. Place your desired concentrate portion onto the nail using a dabber. When the hash touches the nail’s surface, slowly inhale. 
  4. Use a carb cap to cover the nail and maximize the airflow and vaporization of all your hash.
  5. Exhale.

Pro tip: After every dab, clean your nail or banger with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol to avoid a hazy surface and an unpleasant black char. Cleaning your nail after every dab allows you to get the full flavor of the hash every time.


E-Rigs and E-Nails 

Electronic nails (e-nails) use a heated coil system and a control box to select a precise heating temperature for your nail. E-nails can easily attach to your quartz rig, so you can puff away without having to re-heat your nail.

E-rigs are an all-in-one portable dabbing device. Easily control the temperature to a preset temperature or a precise degree. E-rigs can instantly heat up your concentrate on-the-go. 

Pro tip: Since hash has a more solid consistency compared to other cannabis concentrates, users have had to use temperatures from the mid-700º up to 1000º F to get any vapor from hash with e-nails and e-rigs.


Nectar Collector/Honey Straw

A nectar collector, also known as a honey straw, is essentially a percolating dab straw. These portable and effective dabbing devices provide water filtration without the bulky dab rig design.

Nectar collector nails are made of titanium, quartz, or a hybrid of both.

To use a nectar collector, you heat the tip with a butane torch. Give it about a minute to cool down before you apply it to your hash. Then, you apply the hot tip to your hash directly from your concentrate container. You can also set aside a small dab in a separate serving dish.

The vapor goes up the honey straw and percolates through its water chamber until it reaches your mouth and you inhale.

Pro tip: For a more precise concentrate hit, repeatedly and gently tap the tip of your honey straw to your hash to collect your desired vapor amount.


How to Smoke Hash With a Vaporizer

Desktop or portable vaporizers for dry herb and concentrates can work with hash. 

Vaporizers differ in quality, temperature control, and performance. Hash can work well with dry herb or extract vaporizers. Drier hash is recommended for dry herb vapes. Hash with a stickier consistency works better in extract vaporizers.

If you’ve got a portable or desktop vaporizer on hand, here’s how you load your hash:

  1. Collect a small bit of hash with a dabber.
  2. Place your hash on the bottom of the atomizer (heating elements vary by vape brand).
  3. Power on your vaporizer and set it to a temperature preset or exact degree. 
  4. Allow for your device to heat up your hash (heat-up times vary).
  5. When it’s ready, inhale slowly. 


How to Smoke Hash With a Bong or Pipe

If you don’t have any dabbing tools, you can smoke hash in a bong or pipe. Because of the higher plant material in hash, your concentrate won’t completely vaporize when exposed to high temperatures.

Ideally, you’ll want to smoke hash mixed in with flower. 

Mix it into your ground-up bud by adding a base layer of cannabis and a hash middle topped with more bud on top. Keeping your hash hidden won’t directly expose it to the harsh flame. Instead, it’ll be heated through your cherried bowl for a better taste and aroma..

You can also top off your packed bowl with small balls or strands of hash on top. Try to keep the hash pieces small to avoid restricting airflow. Smoking hash in a bong can produce a smoother hit due to the water filtration.

If you don’t have any flower to smoke with, invest in a small bowl screen. A metal screen prevents hash from falling through and ending up in your mouth and lungs. 

Here’s a step-by-step on how to smoke hash in a pipe or bong.

  1. Pack your bowl (as listed above).
  2. Cover the carburetor.
  3. Spark a flame with your lighter.
  4. Slowly move the flame toward the edge of your bowl.
  5. Allow the flame to smolder the cannabis and turn off the lighter.
  6. Slowly inhale to fill the piece with smoke.
  7. Release the carburetor and inhale the smoke.

Pro tip: If needed, gently heat the hash by placing it in a spoon and heating the bottom of the spoon until the hash is soft, malleable, and crumbly. This will let you place a dash of hash into your bowl.


How to Smoke Hash In a Joint, Spliff, or Blunt

If you prefer the traditional cannabis joint, spliff, or blunt, you can enhance your experience with a hash joint.

Mix your hash into the bud in hash balls or strands when rolling a joint. If you’re working with sticky hash, putting it inside the joint can make a sticky mess.

Avoid smoking just hash in a joint. Users have noted that a hash joint results in the oil dripping and huge smoke clouds. 

Pro tip: Make small balls or strands of hash and cover them completely with cannabis to cover the stickiness and make packing your joint easy.

Spliffs have a similar packing process but include a touch of tobacco for a light headed high.

Blunts offer a more bold and potent experience using tobacco leaf, hemp, and other wraps. 


How to Smoke Hash In a Health Stone

Health stones, also known as vapor or dab stones, are a unique dabbing tool that can be used on-the-go. They can retain more of your hash potency and flavor over a longer session.

In fact, hash is the perfect consistency for health stones.

A health stone refers to a ceramic and porous stone used as a surface to smoke concentrates on. Ceramic is an inert material that won’t degrade, end up in your vapor, or affect the taste of your hash. Plus, it’s excellent at retaining heat for a long time.

Its pumice stone look and form allow you to directly heat the hash and inhale the heavy vapor clouds as your hash oil slowly drips down and through each tightly compressed crevice.

The hash oil stays at a perfect temperature without the need to heat it back up again. 

Once it’s lit, you can immediately start inhaling the smoke from your mouth piece. Avoid directly burning the hash to prevent your vapor stone from getting too gunky and messy.

Health stones vary in size, so you need to get an appropriately-sized one for your pipe or bong bowl or rig nail. 

Pro tip:  When lighting your hash, use a windproof butane torch to lightly heat and melt the hash instead of torching it.


How Not to Smoke Hash

Under the direst of situations, we never recommend smoking hash using the following desperate methods for health, safety, and efficiency’s sake.

Hot Knife

Compared to concentrate rigs or e-nails, using hot knives is a method from the stone age. This classic and dangerous technique requires two metal knives, hash, and a bottle to funnel the smoke.

There are two ways to smoke hash with the hot knife method, each just as dangerous as the other.

The first method involves holding a small piece of hash between two metal and hot knives. Light up the space between the metal knives and hash to create a smoke. Users cut off the bottom of a plastic or glass bottle and used it to trap and inhale the hash smoke.

Another method is to torch the ends of the metal knives and then picking up the pre-dosed hash using its own stickiness with the tip of one knife. Then, users inhale the smoke like the method above.

Avoid these smoking methods at all costs. You run the risk of burning your fingers off and wasting all your hash as it blows into the air, 


Car Cigarette Lighter

Some hash smokers use a car cigarette lighter as a last-ditch method to smoke their concentrates. 

Much like smoking a cigarette, you’d heat up the car lighter until it’s just hot enough to vaporize your hash. Then, use the top of a plastic bottle or a straw to suck up the smoke. 

This method is not recommended, especially if you’re in a confined space like a car and while driving. Plus, getting caught by law enforcement smoking hash in a car can result in hefty fines and possibly jail time.


Aluminum Foil 

Smoking hash in a pipe made out of aluminum foil won’t be the best experience you’ve had. Users have made homemade pipes by using a large piece of aluminum foil and folding it onto itself to add thickness. Then, they wrap it around a cylindrical object such as a pen to make the body of the piece. Once the foil is rolled into a cylinder, users bend the tip to make a bowl area. Don’t expect great results with this method.


Hash Edibles

While this method isn’t technically smoking hash, it’s still a great way to use your product in a new and interesting way. Infused edibles substitute traditional oils, butters, and garnish for cannabis flower or concentrates.

Instead of using about an eighth of flower in a recipe, the flower can be substituted for a few grams of hash. 

Using hash as a intoxicating base for your edibles has many benefits including:

  • Easier to dose, since you know exactly how much THC is available, unless you’ve grown and made it yourself.
  • Less chance for error when estimating a serving size.
  • Hash offers an incredibly rich, earthy, and unique flavor compared to the grassy taste of flower.

Before you can use the hash in your recipe, you may need to decarboxylate your product in the oven first. Heating your product on a baking sheet with parchment paper at 240º F for 20 to 30 minutes can activate the THC and CBD. Simply eating the hash won’t have much effect at all.

You can also skip the pre-heating decarb in the oven if your recipe requires a slow and long simmer. Directly adding your concentrate into the butter or oil can activate the THC as it cooks. Some users note that this can reduce the flavor and potency of the hash in the meal. 

Make sure you evenly mix your product into your ingredients to provide an accurate dosage and portion. Homogeneous mixtures help evenly spread out THC in the edible. 

Pro tip: Hash flavors can pair well with other earthy and spicy flavors found in meat sauces, caramel, chocolate, and umami.


As you can see, smoking hash is so easy, even a caveman could do it.

With so many ways to smoke hash, there’s no excuse not to give these smoking methods a try.

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