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The Best Types of Vape Pens for Cartridges

In recent years, the cannabis industry has gained more popularity and traction because of how easy they are to use and effectiveness. The 510-thread connection has become the most popular type of vape pen battery and cartridges for THC oil.

The demand for THC oil cartridges increasing is not surprising considering how convenient and discreet it is. If you are new to vape pens, learn all about the reason of their surge in popularity below!

What is vaping?

In simple words, vaping CBD or THC oil offers a lot more sessions for less. It simulates smoking, but it’s proven to be a better alternative. Not only is it less harmful compared to smoking, but it’s also a lot smoother and less of an odor. Vaping provides a much more convenient method to consume THC and CBD. Vaping cannabis is a smooth and cleaner alternative compared to smoking it. It’s a lot easier to press a button that will release vapor a lot stronger than cannabis smoke and not as strong in odor. It only takes a couple fast vape hits to get the effects instantly, compared to having to smoke an entire joint that can take a while.

How do vape pens work?

Vaping offers a lot more control of the dosage of THC and CBD being consumed, and offers a lot more discreteness too. This is because a smaller amount of cannabis or extract is required for a proper session. Vape pen batteries usually have a button that is needed to be pressed while inhaling, while others can be activated upon inhaling.

What is a dab pen?

Dab pens use a battery as a power source to produce heat that will, in turn, vaporize the oil contained in a chamber known as the atomizer. Upon heating the oil contained in the cartridge, it vaporizes, and the user inhales the vapor through a mouthpiece.

Depending on the electronic feature and power limit, vape pens for oils come in different sizes and shapes. Unlike early designs, advanced designs of vape pens allow you to adjust both the wattage and temperatures.

How to use the best vape pens for carts

While choosing a vaping device, especially vaping pens, it helps to know the basics of using a vape cartridge and how it works.

The vapor is made in the vape cartridge. The atomizer houses a coil that heats the cannabis oil when the user draws and instantly creates vapor.

It’s almost impossible to talk about vaping cannabis and not talk about vape pens for carts (carts is short for cartridge).

A cartridge is a unit that is prefilled with cannabis extract oil. When heated, it releases the active ingredient for the user to inhale. Building on that, vape cartridges have two essential parts — the battery component and the cartridge to hold the cannabis oil.

The mouthpiece is another part of the vape cartridge where the user places their lips to draw in vapor. The most popular type of vape cartridge are 510-thread carts.

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