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Buy THC and CBD Drinks in Alberta


Drinking THC and CBD provide a much easier method of consumption with these cannabis cannabinoids. Infused rinks are perfect for those who want an alternative to smoking cannabis, but still want to benefit from the effects.  Buy CBD and THC drinks from our cannabis store located in Alberta today! But first learn all about the types of cannabis infused drinks and foods you can eat.



We know you’re familiar with weed gummies, but what about all the other unique products that have come out on the market? The Dank cannabis store keeps up to date on all the latest trends, and we’re constantly bringing in new edibles for you to try.  Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, peppermint chocolate, and mocha chocolate line our shelves with a variety of different CBD and THC profiles to get you your perfect high.  Oh, and don’t forget the caramels.  

If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, perhaps you could go for a THC shot or a dissolvable powder to mix into your favorite drink.  Or, have you ever heard of sublingual strips?  These bad boys simplify your edible experience down to a filmstrip that you simply insert under your tongue and let dissolve.  The strips usually contain a hint of flavor and are considerably more fast-acting than edibles that are digested.


THC Drinks

Drinking your weed has certainly become a fan favorite.  The effects come on faster and dissipate faster as well.  Many like having the option of drinking their THC because they can truly feel what 5ml, 10ml, or 15ml tastes like in about 15 minutes, and they aren’t left wondering when the high will come on or worry about taking too much.  The quick turnaround time of THC drinks makes them more “sessionable”, just like drinking alcohol. Dank Cannabis has only the tastiest and most refreshing THC drinks for sale, with THC contents of 2.5%, 5%, and 10%.


CBD Drinks

Buying CBD drinks is a great way to calm your state of mind or relieve bodily aches and pains.  Many people like swapping out their nightly glass of wine with a CBD beverage to gain extra soothing benefits and help them sleep.  Or, if you’re trying to sustain a healthier lifestyle, you might consider CBD drinks instead of alcohol at a party.  Consider trying beverages that have both CBD and THC so you can still achieve a buzz (of a different kind) at your next social gathering.


There’s Something for Everyone

Dank Cannabis also provides an unbeatable selection of cannabis for smoking and vaping.  If you’re not into consuming your cannabis in an edible or drink, you can count on us for exceptional flower, pre-rolls, vapes, and concentrates too.

Dank Cannabis is Alberta, Canada’s premier dispensary that focuses on high-quality products and close customer relationships.  We prioritize your safety and your time; that’s why we offer online ordering for a quick and easy in-store pick-up as well as same-day delivery!  If you’re really in a hurry, or you just don’t feel like talking to anyone (we’ve all been there), you can even take advantage of our self-service window.

If you do decide to visit one of the Dank Cannabis dispensary locations, our Danktenders carry knowledge and experience with cannabis and are always ready to help with questions and concerns.  We restock our shelves every day and keep our site up to date, so you never have to deal with any surprises or last-minute choices. Start shopping ASAP – view the full Dank menu here.

Best Menu in the Game

Quench your thirst for cannabis-infused drinks at Dank Cannabis Dispensaries! Explore our wide selection of CBD and THC beverages in Alberta. Order online or visit our stores for a refreshing experience. Cheers to an elevated experience!

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