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Cannabis 101: What’s Dank Weed?

We’re living in the golden age of dank weed. It’s never been easier to find strong and pungent cannabis buds from world-class growers.

If you’re a cannabis user and know about cannabis culture, you’ve probably had some dank weed. If you’re new to cannabis, dank weed can allow you to experience the full power of pot.

Simply put, “dank” refers to the highest quality weed around.

Let’s just say, if you’re not smoking dank weed, you’re missing out.


What Does Dank Mean?

In some circles, the word dank refers to exceptional weed. However, its dictionary definition is completely different.

According to Merriam-Webster, the word dank is defined as:

Dank: (adjective) 

Definition of dank

: unpleasantly moist or wet

// a dank basement

However, its slang meaning does not refer to moist or wet buds.

According to Urban Dictionary, the word dank can mean cannabis nugs with a great structure, potent aroma, delicious flavours, striking trichomes, and a high, of course.

Dank weed is truly the best of the best. You may have heard other names for high-quality cannabis buds including fire, chronic, top shelf, loud, and other names that vary by region.

Of course, there are tiers of dankness. You’ve got your low-quality weed, also known as shwag, brick weed, dirt weed, ditch weed, bottom shelf, shake weed and more. In legal markets, you won’t run into ditch pot, but you may grow some low-grade weed if you have a brown thumb.

Medium-quality cannabis buds are also called mids, middle shelf, beasters, and more. Most budget users stick with mids because they offer a decent value for the price.

Let’s break down the qualities that make dank weed elicit such a knockout experience.


High Potency

Some marijuana users choose their weed based on the highest available potency.  Dank weed stands apart from low-grade weed due to its insanely high cannabinoid content.

Generally, you’ll find the buds’ cannabinoid content listed on the package’s label. Most labeling regulations only require labels to list the buds’ THC and CBD content. Some labels may include information on cannabis terpenes or other cannabinoids.

If you’re simply assessing the buds based on sight alone, look for a high concentration of trichomes on its bracts. Trichomes are tiny bulbous resin sacs that contain the plant’s inactive cannabinoids. 

After you burn, vape, or decarboxylate the dried bud, the cannabinoids become active and whisk you away into a psychedelic haze.

Weak weed, on the other hand, has very low cannabinoid levels compared to its peak freshness. Low-grade weed has very few trichomes, if any, left.

Some low-THC strains are rich in CBD, this type of bud is not considered low-grade weed. In fact, high-CBD strains can also be dank, although the experience is more subdued and relaxing.


Super Sticky

As mentioned above, dank weed has an abundance of trichomes. If you get a chance to hold the buds, check their consistency and texture.

The high resin production will make dank buds super sticky to the touch. If your fingers are super-glued together after handling the buds, you got dank weed on your hands.

Bammer weed has no notable stickiness to the touch. Instead, it’s brittle from being dried and aged for too long or super moist due to poor drying and curing processes.

Sticky weed is synonymous with dank weed.



Throughout the plant’s life cycle, cannabis develops cannabinoids and terpenes during the flowering period. After harvest, the buds are left to dry and cure to release the moisture and bring out the buds’ intended smell and flavours.

Fresh weed that has been properly dried and cured will contain its peak cannabinoid content. However, over time and with exposure to light or heat, its cannabinoid and terpene content go down.

Environmental factors such as light, heat, and moisture can speed up the natural degradation process. 

Cannabinoids naturally degrade, although at a relatively slow pace, even when stored under the most optimal storage conditions. THC converts to cannabinol, or CBN, which is thought to make users sleepy.

Terpenes, in particular, are especially prone to evaporation due to their relatively lower boiling points compared to the heavier cannabinoid compounds. That means your bud can lose out on their original flavour and smell due to poor storage conditions are cultivation practices.

If you’re looking for dank weed, always go with fresh bud. Its terpene content can really enhance your experience.Old cannabis with a high CBN count can elicit sedative effects compared to the energizing THC.


Striking Looks

While the general rule is not to judge a book by its cover, when looking for dank weed, it’s a must.

Fresh and dank weed has vivid green colours on its bracts. You’ll find rusty-coloured stigma hairs poking through the bud. Some nugs may also have vibrant red, orange, purple, or blue colours due to their high anthocyanin and carotenoid content. 

Low-grade weed is simply lacklustre in every department. From brittle and dry-looking trichomes to dull and lifeless colours, brick marijuana looks brown, yellow, and void of any bright colours.

Low-grade weed may also have a lot of seeds and stems, which contain almost no trichomes. You can try growing the seeds or making stem weed tea but otherwise, your best bet is sticking with dank weed.

Finally, watch out for moldy weed. Check around and within your bud for mold formation by breaking them apart. Don’t confuse the hair-like trichomes glands for mold. Moldy cannabis usually has a gray-white color and powdery appearance.


Loud Aroma & Taste

If you had to do a blind taste and smell test, dank weed would have the best flavour and aroma.

At its peak freshness, dank weed features a distinctive and complex aroma. From the moment you take the cannabis buds out of the container, its scent will smack you in the face. In a good way.

Each strain comes with its own unique blend of terpenes, which contribute to its smell. For instance, you may notice floral, pine, citrus, earthy, skunky, and even fuel-like notes.

Sour Diesel might have that super gassy smell, while Super Lemon Haze bud will have a burst of lemon and citrus notes. 

On the other hand, if you have weed that smells like hay, grass, or has no smell at all, it’s the opposite of high quality.

Also, steer clear of musty-smelling weed. These buds may have mold, so double-check for signs of mold (listed above).


Smooth & Mellow Inhale/Exhale

Now, let’s get to how to identify dank weed after you smoke or vape it. After taking a puff of your cannabis, pay attention to how smooth the smoke is going into your lungs. Does it cause you to have a coughing fit? Is the smoke smooth and non-irritating?

Smoking low-grade weed is sure to hit harshly due to its dry and brittle nature. Don’t waste your time with bunk marijuana. Its harsh smoke or vapour offsets any minimal potency it has.


Dank Experience

Dank marijuana is supposed to provide you with the best experience possible. If you have a high potency strain, you will feel higher than you’ve ever been without any of the negative side effects such as paranoia or anxiety.

The dankest weed has a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes available. Fresh weed has the peak density of these active and therapeutic compounds. Their interaction inside our bodies results in a far better experience than with marijuana that has evaporated its terpenes.

On the other side of the coin, low-grade weed can really mess you up. From a pounding headache due to the harsh smoke to the couch-locking effects due to its aged condition, bammer weed is too weak to be worth smoking. 


Dank Strains

Nowadays, dank weed is available to order from the comfort of your home. You can have it delivered to your doorstep from a licensed retailer. You can also buy high-quality genetics and grow dank marijuana in your home if you live in a jurisdiction that allows for home cultivation.

If you plan on growing dank strains, stick with authentic genetics of classic and new strains. Think Sour Diesel, Durban Poison, White Widow, AK-47, OG Kush, Northern Lights, and plenty more best-selling classics. Some new hybrids such as Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato have captured the hearts of users around the world.



Where to Buy Dank Weed

Now that you know how to identify dank bud, you can make a better purchasing decision. The safest and easiest way to buy dank weed is through a licensed dispensary. A dispensary will have a wide selection of dank weed strains from today’s best growers.

Of course, dank marijuana commands a steeper price compared to low- or mid-grade cannabis bud. Its price will reflect the level of care taken during the cultivation and harvesting process. Prices for dank weed vary by market based on availability, retail location, and cultivator.

Dank cannabis is in our blood.  We literally eat, breathe, and sleep dank buds.  From our potent edibles to our flavorful inhalable products to our infused products for all occasions, dank weed is our lifestyle. Shop our wide selection of dank weed products today at

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