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Cannabis Store In Riverbend Calgary


Now that weed products are legal in Canadian provinces, residents and visitors of Canada have endless options for where to buy. Some regions only allow distribution through government-run retailers, while some areas like Calgary allow licensed private retailers to sell.

In Riverbend, the best private retailer is the Dank dispensary. Dank has a huge selection of THC and CBD products to order online, pick up in-store, or get your Dank order delivered right to your door from one of four convenient Calgary locations. We delivery Alberta-wide!

Serving customers from all over Calgary, Alberta, Dank is a trustworthy marijuana retailer with high-quality products. Anyone can find their perfect cannabis fit from the wide range and detailed information.

There are five reasons why Dank is an incredible option for cannabis in Calgary

1. The Dank Cannabis retailer has a wide variety of products that cover every need, style, and taste

The products at Dank online and in-store are carefully chosen by the team to only include the highest quality options.

Guests can find top-tier flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, and more for reasonable prices at Dank. With hybrids, sativas, and indicas, the comprehensive selection addresses any client’s preferred strains, desired effects, and price point.

Locals and visitors of Calgary have access to Dank’s delicious edibles, cannabis-infused drinks, and even accessories. From energizing THC blend drinks to extraordinary hand pipes, Dank’s creations will help any cannabis lover find their new favorite.

2. Dank has three customized purchasing options and friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Anyone living in or visiting Calgary can choose to order their products and merch online, visit one of four Dank locations for a personalized experience, or get your Dank order delivered to their door.

Online, customers can pre-order cannabis by filling up their cart through Dank’s online store and checking out. Then, they wait for Dank to text them that their order is ready and head over to the storefront to pick-up.

3. Alternatively, customers can visit one of Dank’s convenient locations for a one-on-one experience with a trained Danktender

Dank’s knowledgeable and friendly staff can assist every guest with their expertise on the products and effects. Customers explain their preferred effects and strains, and Dank’s team members guide them to find their perfect pot fit.

4. Dank Cannabis delivers! Dank Cannabis offers legal same-day Calgary weed delivery and mail order marijuana delivery to all of Alberta


This means you are only minutes away from gaining access to the largest, best selection of cannabis products and brands available in Canada.

All three of these options result in a quick, painless pot-buying experience. Calgary residents and visitors can enjoy fast checkout and be informed on their products with online ordering or friendly in-store faces.


5. The Dank Club gives members exclusive deals and insights

For frequent visitors and locals of Riverbend, the Dank Club is a perfect choice to extend their Dank experience even further. It offers promos, exclusive merch, specially-curated offers, and even a 5% discount off of non-cannabis products!

Members of the Dank Club also earn points for every visit, so it’s perfect for cannabis enthusiasts and those that love to find the best new strains.

Dank’s customer-focused approach, friendly staff, and wide variety of cannabis products set it as the number one cannabis retailer in Calgary.

Anyone interested in learning more about cannabis in Calgary or putting in their first Dank order can head to!

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Discover your ideal cannabis experience at Dank Dispensary in Riverbend Calgary! Unleash the power of premium THC and CBD products curated to your taste. Visit us in-store or shop online to begin your journey.

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