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What Are Moon Rocks and How Do You Make Them?


Chances are you will never get to step foot on the moon in your lifetime, but you may be able to get there in your mind by smoking some of the most potent extract products known to man. We’re talking about moon rocks. Eat your heart out, Neil Armstrong!


What Are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks, also known as cannabis caviar, are the latest and greatest cannabis products to hit the scene. Moon rocks are composed of cannabis flower dipped in concentrate and rolled in kief.

  • Moon rocks are sold as entire cannabis flower nugs, resembling a dank moon rock. 
  • Melted-down concentrate covers the entirety of a cannabis nug, adding potency to every inhale. Concentrates are concentrated forms of cannabis resin, available in various consistencies.
  • Cannabis kief is the cherry on top of this ultra-potent extract product made to send you into outer space. Kief is a collection of resinous trichomes found on the bud. They can be separated from the bud using dry sifting or ice water extraction.

Its composition is pretty straightforward, but when these three ingredients are blended, they produce a mind-bending experience.

Because moon rocks contain not just flower but also hash oil and kief, the price per gram will be higher than average for even exotic strains. Ultimately, the price will depend on the flower, concentrate, and kief used.


History of Moon Rocks

Where did moon rocks come from? Most would agree that they started as a collaboration between former Death Row Records Executive Vice President and legendary rapper Kurupt with musician Dr. Zodiak. In 2013, they worked on a mixtape which led to a business relationship where they created the original moon rock products. Since then, moon rocks have been replicated in various combinations of flower and extracts.


How Potent Are Moon Rocks?

In short, moon rocks are very potent. Moon rock potency varies depending on the strain and concentrate used and the amount, but it usually falls around 50% THC or CBD. Flower alone varies in THC potency between 15% and 25%. It’s safe to say that smoking moon rocks will produce an intense high.


How Are Moon Rocks Made?

How are these decked-out buds created in the first place? It’s pretty simple. You start with high-quality cannabis flower, usually Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), but any strain will do. Then, the dried and cured bud is dipped in or sprayed with concentrate. Finally, the concentrate-covered bud is rolled in the kief.


How to Make Moon Rocks at Home

It’s easy to buy moon rocks from your favourite cannabis brands and smoke them, but you can make your own moon rocks at home if you want more control over what you inhale.

What you need:

  • Cannabis flower buds
  • Cannabis concentrate
  • Kief
  • Tongs or tweezers
  • Liquid dropper (optional)

Here is how to make marijuana moon rocks at home:

  1. Select your best cannabis nug. 
  2. Coat the concentrate over the nug. You may need to gently heat your extract to get an optimal consistency so that it sticks to the flower. Liquid extracts may be able to be applied with a dropper.
  3. Allow the first layer of the concentrate to work its way into the buds. Repeat the process if necessary. Some users have even injected the cannabis oil with a syringe into the middle of the bud. 
  4. Let the layers of concentrate settle. When they have, roll the wax-covered nug in the kief or sprinkle the kief on top. Use tongs or tweezers to coat the bud and avoid a sticky mess.
  5. When you cover the buds entirely in kief, transfer them to a cool, dry, and dark place for storage.

 Now your homemade cannabis moon rocks are ready to smoke!

Ready to make your own marijuana moon rocks? 


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How to Smoke Moon Rocks

Smoking moon rocks is easy and similar to smoking regular flower. However, the best way to enjoy moon rocks will be in glassware. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to have the best experience:

  • To reduce the mess, use scissors to break apart the moon rock into smaller pieces.
  • Smoke moon rocks in glassware instead of rolling papers since they can get sticky and wet. The resinous layers of moon rocks make it hard to keep a moonrock blunt or moon rock joint lit from start to finish.
  • Use a hemp wick to light your infused flower. You may need to hold the flame to the flower longer than usual to combust through the concentrate layers.
  • Avoid putting your moon rocks in the grinder since the inside can get sticky and is a pain to clean afterward.


What Are the Effects of Smoking Moon Rocks?

When you smoke moon rocks, you’ll feel it instantly when you inhale the first hit. You’ll experience a rush of euphoria and the intense aroma of kief and extracts. Most moon rocks are made from THC-rich flower that produces a high. The effects depend on the strain of the flower and extract.

The effects of a moon rock high can take effect in just a matter of minutes and will peak about 30 minutes after smoking them. Effects can last for 2 to 3 hours or more, depending on your cannabinoid tolerance.

If it’s your first-time smoking moon rocks or anything at all, start low and go slow. High-THC strains and products can produce mild adverse effects that can be reduced by smoking in low doses. Start with a small dose and gradually build up to your desired effects.


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Moon Rocks at Dank!

Try the mind-bending power of moon rocks, the potent combination of cannabis flower, concentrate, and kief. Create your own at home or visit Dank dispensaries in Calgary, Alberta, to shop a wide selection of marijuana moon rock products. Want your moon rocks delivered? We got you covered with Same Day Delivery servicing Calgary and Chestermere and Mail Order Delivery for Alberta!

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